Scott Racing Engines has designed a state of art Engine Plate. In
little over a year we sold over 250 of these Plates with great results.

What makes the Accu Mount System work in keeping your chain
align is our two piece system. The top piece mounts to the bottom of
the engine (works with Honda, Deco, and Briggs) and comes in 1.5
degrees, 2.5 degrees and flat.

The bottom plate mounts directly to the chassis. The top plate sets in
between the two rails and keeps the engine in-line. It's held in place
by two bolts and has over 3” of travel front to back.

All parts are hard anodized for reduced wear and added longevity.

Accu Mount adds about 3/8 of inch or less to the engine heights in
the chassis over the conventional engine mount.

SRE also offers a Tensioner that mounts on the back of the mount
that works great on belt drives and chains to get the perfect setting
and to keep the engine from kicking back and loosing the chain or

Prices for the Accu Mount:

  • Flat Kit: Includes Chassis Plate and Flat Engine Plate

  • Angled Kit: Includes Chassis Plate and your choice of 1.5
    degree or 2.5 degree
  Engine Plate

  • Extra Engine Plates
  Flat $49.99
  Angled $54.99
  Tension Kit $34.99

Discounts available for purchase of multiple kits.
Scott Racing Engines
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